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Jury Focus Groups

June 16, 2021 by admin

Jury Focus Groups

There is only one mistake that an attorney can make in conducting focus groups and that is not doing them. Focus groups are especially important in today’s preparation of cases. Suite Trial Services will provide you with a successful environment for conducting a focus group that can be informative and cost effective. We want to help you win your case!

The following will be provided to effectively capture the opinions of your Jury:

Conference Rooms – 3 Conference rooms will be included in the cost. You will have one of the rooms as completely private. Feel free to bring your client to attend the event. The other two will be available for your presentation, and for jury deliberations.

Videography Services – We will have a Videographer, the video equipment set up, and ready to record the presentation and feed-back. We will also stream the live feed back to your private conference room.
When completed we share a final version of the video for future evaluation.

Secretarial Assistance: Our staff will greet the group members with refreshments, sign-in sheets, confidentiality forms, name tags, note taking materials and a general questionnaire. We will be available to copy, print, or scan any items you may need.

Catering Services/Amenities: Lunch/ Dinner will be served to your party, and the jurors. We will also have plenty of water and snacks.

We generally run groups from 10:00am – 2:00pm on weekdays and weekends. During the evening, groups can be run from 5:30 to 9 p.m. At least a half hour is required to get organized, sign in people, and give a general introduction. Our Focus Group sessions are scheduled for up to 4hours. Should you need more time please inquire when reserving.

The cost to conduct an event at Suite Trial Service is $2,995.00.