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About Us

September 17, 2022 by admin

Armando Medina and Richard Yi have worked their way up through the legal service industry for well over 25 years. Their extensive knowledge of the business and the connections that they curated gave them insight to a very special position: their client’s needs and concerns. They listened closely to what the clients wanted. They provided whatever their clients needed. They adapted whenever and wherever they could. Along the way, they found that every legal service company provided something that others didn’t, leaving clients to go back and forth trying to find the right fit. Armando and Richard want to be the company that provides everything, taking the stress of having to find multiple vendors off the client and keeping them satisfied and loyal. They combined their knowledge, took into consideration the needs of their clients and created Suite Trail Services. 

Simply stated, Suite Trial is an office rental business, yet we are not simple. Not one company offers all of our services, but we offer what every company offers. With our white glove service, you have the option to personalize your experience with us. Rent our conference rooms for your jury focus groups, staff/conference meetings, and war rooms. Our staff and on site technician are on stand by to assist in any issues that may arise. Our services range from document scanning/printing/copying to providing lunches for your events to delivering your materials and much more.

Expanding to us is accessible for you. Our main office is located in the heart of Los Angeles, California, where we are across the street from the LA Court House. Our newest office is in San Bernardino, only a couple of blocks away from the San Bernardino Court House. With us, there is no need to haul your case boxes back and forth. We can house your supplies while you strategize and prepare your case for trial.

Our Suite Trial Services (STS) Membership grants you the use of our offices as your own. We are your PO Box for your correspondences, your quick stop by the office to get some work done, your meeting room. This is the perfect solution for the attorney who has found that working remotely from the home has it is benefits but may lack a certain kind of professionalism.

We understand the work that gets put into making a case run smoothly. You can bet that this lucky horse will get you past the finish line.